Be Prepared To Get What You Ask For

A funny thing happens when you ask the universe for a change.

The universe answers.

It was only five weeks ago I decided to change my life drastically. Slowly my life has been changing. The universe has now given me a very large push in the direction of change.
This has all happened so quickly my head is still spinning trying to manage everything that needs to happen in such a short time.

I have wanted to write about this since I found out a week ago, but I haven’t known the words. It’s like I have a million things swirling in my brain and my brain struggles to find the words that describe everything that’s going on.

The last week has been a crazy busy hurricane of chaos. Basically, I am now moving from Ontario to Alberta in less than 15 days.


The universe presented me with an opportunity and a choice. Either stay here; try to find my way to happiness or embrace the change I am looking for. I made a choice to embrace the change and go for it! I’m now moving across this country and starting this journey of mine.

I’ve never been anywhere outside Ontario other than Montreal. When I travel, I always leave the country I call home. I have never taken the time to enjoy Canada. This country (that I am blessed to live in), is huge and I’ve never taken the opportunity to explore it. I’ve never seen the beauty of the mountains. I’ve never gone to the seaside in British Columbia. Now I will get the chance to do that and I’m beyond excited.

Selling off a whole house worth of stuff, packing up and moving more than 3500 km away can be a scary thing. All of my family is here in Ontario. All of my friends are here in Ontario. I’ve never been to Alberta. I have no idea what to expect, but I’m not scared.


I can’t wait to drive across Ontario. I can’t wait to find a new place to live (even if it is only temporary). I think part of the reason I’m not scared is I know I’ll be back to visit my family and friends at Christmas. I also know that because I plan on backpacking across South East Asia my family will be a lot further away when I am traveling.

I guess for me right now I’m more excited at the possibilities life holds for me. I’m not focusing on what or whom I will miss. Besides, now with the Internet, I can FaceTime or Skype with pretty much anyone all the time so basically we’re all still very connected.

Right now even with the chaos of packing up a four bedroom house in less than two weeks and selling most of what I own to move; I can’t wait for the adventure to begin!!!


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