My Cruise From February

As most of you know the first week in February before we knew much about Covid-19 or had any form of shelter in place orders I took a Disney Cruise out of New Orleans (side note: I always wear a mask when I fly, have for years, at the time it was not a COVID precaution). I was able to book this trip in 2019 with a friend and had a wonderful time. I thought this week I would share the New Orleans part of the trip with you. With most people unable to travel this summer I thought it would be nice for us all to spend some time traveling via the blog. It doesn’t feel exactly the same but I hope you enjoy my virtual trip sharing. 


My travel mate Amanda picked this hotel, it was a great choice

St. Louis Cathedral

The look of everything is so classic and wonderful

Street cars

This was before Mardi Gras had started but they were getting ready

This is Pope John Paul II outside the Cathedral

The gates to enter Jackson Square

Cool to see in person

Jackson Square

Love the buildings

These people were on a Ghost Tour (I followed them around a little)

This is The Cabildo. The Presbytere (which we did go into, is on the other side)

 I only had about a day and a half in Nola before the cruise so Amanda and I tried to fit in what we could but of course, there was so much left to see that I will have to go back at some point. If you have never been I recommend checking it out. The feel of this city is unlike any other. The people who work here have such a deep love of the city they call home it is such a warm and inviting place. 

Best beignets you will ever have

But let me be clear, you will get messy because look at all that icing sugar

Seeing this around town was cool but I worry about the horses

However, for me it was also a lot to take in as the history of this event is very tragic, and in a lot of ways something I am still struggling to wrap my head around.

Had to stop at Mask Gallery

The main floor was devoted to how Katrina not only impacted the city but changed it

This is what a plate of them looks like

Inside St. Louis Cathedral

I cried almost the whole way through this

Upstairs is all about the history of Carnival and Mardi Gras

I can’t even put into words how good they are

I know you can’t really see it but this is made of gold leaf and all hand drawn

This one was my Favourite! I did not, however, come home with it

Some of the outfits on display were mindblowing

This one must have been a good 80-100lbs

This was a WDW Radio Disney Cruise event that was organized by MEI Mouse Fan Travel so they had organized a riverboat cruise for all of us going to be able to spend some time together and get to know each other (if we wanted to).  I did not take enough pictures of this I realize now, I was busy chatting and getting to tour the boat.

The Natchez River Boat

This is a must if you ever visit

I don’t typically like eating with people I don’t know but this was fun

The view on deck on the way back

The food was wonderful, family buffet style

I’m not a big drinker but I did get one fancy drink

Like most, this has been a place on my bucket list for a long time. I’m so glad I got to go and check it out and I can’t wait until I can go back and spend more time here. 


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