Disney’s Inaugural Cruise Out Of New Orleans

This week on the blog I thought I would share with you all the fun, photos, and excitement from my Disney Cruise in February.  This trip would not have been possible without the help of my friend Amanda so a HUGE thank you to her for being my roomie and helping me enjoy this trip. Also a HUGE thank you to Lou Mongello of WDW Radio for having this group event and Beci Mahnken of MEI Mouse Fan Travel for organizing everything for us all. It was everything I could have imagined and so much more. I met new friends, had a blast with some old friends who were on this trip, and most of all, I relaxed and spent some time with myself. 

This was the morning after I got on board, I got up with the sun.

I actually worked here for a few days with my laptop because it’s such a wonderful space.

Packed at the hotel and ready to head off to the boat.

Took a tour of the spa

Adult only area.

Inside stateroom

Lunch table once on board. Very happy.

You sometimes need to be the first one up and out in order to get good pictures.

The best time to get out and take some pictures is while it’s raining.

Lunch Menu

The new lounge is beautiful.

The first day I spent most of my time just wondering around the ship and taking pictures.  The last time I was on a Disney Cruise I didn’t really take the time to appreciate how magical each and every little corner of it was. Everyone always asks me “Why Disney again?” and the truth is, it’s hard to explain. If you’ve been on a Disney Cruise you will understand but if you haven’t had the pleasure yet, explaining to you why the customer service is above and beyond anything you can imagine is hard. Staff members greet you like you’re family. They smile at you and ask you how you are. They get to know what you like and have it waiting for you at the table. They may be paid to give you the best experience, but it never feels like that is why they are so kind. 

I don’t have children and I enjoy these cruises because there are adult-only areas that make you feel like no children are on the boat at all. It also allows me to enjoy some child-like fun surrounded by families when I feel like doing so. This trip was a group event that meant lots of WDW Radio family fun including a gift exchange and meals together. There was a late-night PJ party in the kids’ area just for us adults, ice cream meet and greets, and many more group activities. 

I got to meet a whole group of people at dinner who have now become friends (Shout Out To Table 20). I also met some wonderful people who I may not have otherwise been able to meet. I had long conversations about life, love, and politics with people. 

Mushroom Soup, a wonderful way to start my first dinner meal.

PJ party in the kids club after hours

Learning to draw Disney characters with my friends

The last-minute wine tasting became a cocktail hour. This was my favourite thing.

Ice Cream Social

I love to sketch, draw, and paint but I’m not as skilled as I’d like to be.

I don’t typically like to eat with people I don’t know but I was happy to do so on this trip and I made a wonderful group of friends because of it.

 This of course, is not all of the photos I took. This was a 10 day trip so I have hundreds of photos. However, for today I wanted to share just some of that trip with you. These days some of us are still in our homes, not traveling and enjoying the summer. Some of us have had our summer plans cancelled or rescheduled to next year so I wanted us all to be able to enjoy a little virtual trip. This cruise included a stop in Key West (which I had never been to before) as well as Disneys’ Cast-A-Way Cay. 

Key West

After a tour of Key West I spent some time reading and relaxing

There is a bar in there

Working in the lounge

Cast A Way

There is a lot of history here. I will come back to Key West and learn more of it someday.

One of my great joys on a Disney Cruise is to decorate the door

I love that cruises do these towel animals.

I wandered around and took pictures, I did not swim or do much on the island this trip.

I did go back to the boat after lunch and fell asleep working and reading so I ended up with a sunburn

We had to dock at the Naval base so this was the best picture I could get for a view because we couldn’t take pictures from the base.

The stateroom doors are metal so I change the theme of the door every day.

They are a wonderful surprise to come back to when you enter your room at night

The view really is amazing

The thing I love the most though, is the food. There is something to be said for how much better food is when you’re on vacation. Sure some of the yummy is simply because you don’t have to cook but let’s be fair, food on a cruise ship is nothing like you cook at home. 

Palo is one of my favourite places to eat on the boat.

“Do you like Pina Coladas”

Mushroom Ravioli

I don’t always keep track of what everything is to tell you later so I forget what it was called but it was chicken and pasta lol

Lobster Salad

French Toast and bacon – with a side of watermelon. It was a good day.

Beignets and ice cream

Palo dinner ended with a lemon palate cleanser, I did not like it.

I wasn’t sure I would like this but it was actually really good. Chicken Satay

 The trip was amazing and I feel so blessed to have been able to take it right before Covid-19 hit the world on such a large scale. I don’t now when it will be safe to travel again but I will book another cruise as soon as I can afford to. 


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