40 books…..It’s been a rough month

 This month I’ve found it hard to focus enough to do a lot of reading. I know we are all struggling right now with the Covid-19 lockdowns and winter not to mention just how emotionally drained we are all starting to feel. This month I only have a couple books in my list of 40 because of all this so here is what I read.

As the book for the Chasing Happiness Book Club this month I read the book from Tara Schuster “Buy Yourself The F*cking Lilies”

This one was kind of a hard read for me. We have the bookclub live chat about it tomorrow but I’ve heard from a few members they found it hard to read as well because it is written in a way that is hard to relate to and understand for a lot of readers. There are a few good tips and tricks for people just starting out on a journey of changing their lives but for those of us who are years into this process most of what is talked about in this book is old information and things that may already be daily routines or rituals for some. 

 The only other book I have read over the month of February is “How to date a younger man” by Kendall Ryan. As I talked about last month I enjoy her books because they are short and I can typically get through them in one sitting. This book plays with the idea that we don’t often see older women dating younger guys at the rate we see older men dating younger women. I have enjoyed every book I have read of hers so far in part because she makes her stories feel like they could really happen in everyday life. This book is no different as the lead struggles with the idea of what it looks like for an older women to date a younger guy (who just happens to be the little brother to her best friend). Overall if you’re looking for a fun read that won’t take too long that has a healthy amount of romance and sexiness, this is a good book to check out. We could all use an escape from reality sometimes and her books always give me that.

So out of the 40 books I want to read this year the list so far is as follows

1.  The Duke and I (Bridgerton)

2. Home Body

3. The Stud Next Door

4. Everything Is Figureoutable

5. Scrappy Little Nobody

6. Buy Yourself The F*cking Lilies

7. How To Date A Younger Man

Hopefully next month my mind can focus more and I can read more. 

What have you been reading?


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