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It’s almost Christmas

With being sick for the last few weeks I haven’t done much of anything. I haven’t gone out a whole lot as I’ve been too sick to bother getting out of bed. I did, however,

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Your Journey - Stories from our community

A World Wide Disney Christmas Tree

For those of you who follow our podcast, you will know that this week I interviewed Beth from The Collectionears Club on YouTube about this awesome idea she has to bring together a bunch of

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Take a Minute to be in Awe

 Do you ever stop in the middle of doing something to take a minute to appreciate what is going on around you? Have you ever found yourself looking at a sunrise or sunset with a

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My Journey

Sleep Cheap 2018

For those of you who have followed this blog for a while, you know that every year while I’m living in Niagara I love to take part in a charity event held in Niagara Falls.

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You Are What You Eat

It’s something we heard all the time when we were kids. “You are what you eat”. We also heard a lot of “eat more meat” and “eat more grains”. There wasn’t much of a mixed

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It is okay to do nothing

 We live in this filtered, staged, photo-shopped to perfection world now and I sometimes have a hard time processing that. I’ve talked before in this blog about how I feel this has created an unrealistic

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