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A Ride Across America For Wellness

 Today I had the pleasure of being able to interview Richie Crowley about his plans for the summer and how he is hoping to open up a conversation about what health really is and how we can all make changes in our lives that will lead to better overall health without spending $30 a day on fresh juices and joining a gym. 

You can read his full plan here ( https://medium.com/@rickieticklez/im-riding-my-bicycle-across-america-4de9daf18e83 ), below you will find some of his story.

Tune into the Podcast on Monday to hear my conversation with him and be sure to follow his journey on Instagram if you want to keep up with him over the next four months of this journey ( https://www.instagram.com/rickieticklez/ )

 "On Saturday, July 20th, I'm going for a bike ride.

I'm going to leave the Canton Junction commuter rail parking lot and turn right on to Sherman Street. From there, I'll ride to the light across from the town hall and again turn right. This time onto Washington Street. About 2 miles later, I'll pull into a parking lot at the Canton town line and say goodbye. Goodbye to my family, goodbye to my friends, goodbye to my childhood hometown, and then I'll continue to California, on my bicycle.

To me, wellness is a state of being. It's life without disease, physical and mental, spent full of actions in alignment with our purpose. My blueprint for wellness includes caring for my mind and the stress it may create, living in the community and nurturing relationships, moving naturally and eating plants, sleeping well, meditating and expressing gratitude, being financially responsible and also compassionate.

I've known life without wellness and through a series of basic, affordable and convenient changes, I've healed. This is why I so passionately advocate for wellness and the truth that it is accessible. Accessible meaning it's affordable, convenient and it looks like you.

My mission is to highlight that we have already have the resources needed to cultivate our own wellness, and bring this into communities across the country in an off-the-screen installation.

The goal of the wellness ride is to raise 5,000 meals and empower individuals to invest in their own wellness. Each meal is a delicious plant-based creation of Veestro's that is $5 and will be donated directly to organizations across the country, and each of you deserves to be well."

You can read more here (  https://www.veestro.com/pages/the-wellness-ride ) about how you can help. I will have another blog post in a couple of weeks with just how impactful my conversation with him today was for me. I can't even express how amazing this human is and how blessed I feel to have been able to have a conversation with him today.

If you're along his path ( picture of the route below ) Richie would love to have you bike with him or just say hi as he is in your area. Part of this experience is about meeting you, having a conversation with you about health and well being, while he makes an incredibly challenging bike ride across the country, ALONE. 

Be sure to tune into the Chasing Happiness Podcast Monday July 15th to hear our conversation and find out more details (https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/chasing-happiness/id1178333959 ).

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Wednesday, 27 January 2021
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