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A Ride and A Realization

I used to love roller coasters. I used to love the sense of flying you would get as you would speed down the hills and go upside down on the loops of the fastest, biggest coasters we have in North America. I loved the speed. I loved the anticipation of not knowing what loop or turn was coming up next. I loved the banged up knees you would get on old classic wooden roller coasters.

Yesterday I realized my sense of adventure has changed. I no longer find roller coasters fun or exciting. I don't want to be bumped around on a small track that makes me feel like I might fall out. I don't want bruised legs and arms from banging around on an old wooden coaster. I have no desire to spin sideways on a Ferris Wheel built to move you like the zipper carnival ride.

My sense of adventure has changed. What I find exciting has changed. The things that set my soul on fire have changed because I've changed. I'm no longer a roller coaster person. I'm no longer looking to be scared or surprised by the unknown of what a roller coaster might hold.

Airplanes that take me to new places excite me. Other countries and cultures excite me. I'm excited for the unknown things I will learn and experience over the next year while I travel to 35 countries.

I'm no longer a roller coaster girl and I'm okay with that.

I’m 35, not Unhappy and Unfulfilled, Thanks.
Love, Distance and Chosen Family


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Friday, 25 June 2021
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