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Day 2

I know I'm a little behind with these and I apologize. I will do my best to get the rest of them posted over the next couple of weeks.

I was excited for day two because we were getting into areas of Ontario that I'd never been. Even though I have family all over Ontario because I don't have a car, I don't always get a chance to go see other places. So leaving Parry Sound I was excited.

I knew I wanted to stop in Sudbury to see the Giant Nickel.

When I got there I had not realized just how much there is to do there. The young man at the front gate explained that it could take hours to do all of the activities they have. After explaining to him that I simply did not have that much time he advised me to stay above ground and just do what I could and a take a few pictures. He did, however, suggest I go back (without the U-Haul at some point because the underground stuff is interesting). 

You can actually learn a lot about what is mined in Ontario. 

I'm sure I would have learned more if I had stayed all day. For those of you that have never been to the Giant Nickel, I suggest you add it to your list of places to check out. I will defiantly be going back at some point to check out all of the underground stuff.

After purchasing a couple of postcards and few trinkets I was back on the road. It did, however, take longer than I had intended so I knew I would not be driving as far as I had hoped that day. Back on the road, you could tell we were starting to get into the part of Ontario where the roads become rockier. It felt like Ontario had become cliffs and mountains. 

 The farmland of Southern Ontario was no longer the normal sight. I did enjoy watching the scenery and noticing all the different road warning signs became sort of fun for me. The more north you go the closer you get to wildlife and I was very excited at the prospect of seeing bears, deer or even a moose.

I, however, did not expect to be warned about these 

and after a long giggle I of course had to remind myself that it may be July that I'm on this road however in the winter when we have snow this sign would be needed. The further north the more of these signs I saw and I started to understand why my cousin Angela was always so excited when she could start to snowmobile in the winter up north. I'm not much for winter activities (I have yet to find anything I like doing in the cold of winter) but I think seeing our beautiful province when it is covered in snow on a nice sunny day would make me excited about a snowmobile ride as well.

Because I was on the TransCanada Highway I got to spend most of the afternoon on day two riding the road along the north channel of Georgian Bay. This part of the highway is beautiful and makes you appreciate the place you call home. Nature is an amazing thing. Trees find a way to grow through the rock. Water finds a way through the rock back to the lake. Some parts of the road bring you so close to the water you could stop your car and touch it (I don't, however, suggest you stop. The road is very busy and the government of Ontario has done a great job setting up rest stop areas and lookout points for you to be able to pull over safely.).

I checked the GPS and realized that Sault Saint Marie was probably as far as I would make it for the night. I however also noticed I would have to drive right by Echo Bay which made me insanely excited. Lori lives there and the thought of being able to say hi and surprise her made my heart sing. Growing up Lori helped take care of me. She was like the big sister I never had. I only see her occasionally but because of the internet and cell phones I am able to keep in touch with her. With her living in Echo Bay whenever she was in Southern Ontario close to Niagara she would let me know and we would get together. I had promised her if ever I were in the north, close to her, I would do the same. So after a few text messages back and forth I was pulling into her driveway.

I would have loved to stay there for days but alas I was on a deadline. One thing I did learn on this day two of my adventure was, next time I make this journey in a car, van or truck I will give myself a couple of weeks to do it. With all the things to see and all the places to stop you really don't have time to enjoy anything or make any added stops to see friends and family when you only have 6 days to get from St. Catharines Ontario to Edmonton Alberta in a U-Haul.

Day two didn't feel like a very long day because of the stops and sights along the way. However by the time I made it to the hotel in Sault Saint Marie I was exhausted and felt like I could sleep for a week.

Finding A Purpose.


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Monday, 26 July 2021
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