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Everything I'm Grateful For That Happened In 2018

2018 was such a crazy year for me that I really don't know how to put into words all the things that have happened. I started the year off living with friends of mine who had just found out there were going to have twins! For a couple who struggled with fertility treatments to have children, I was overwhelmed and excited for them.

The year held a lot of changes for me and leaving their house to move back to the Niagara Area was just one of them.

Living close enough to the lake now that I can run down to the water at sunrise or sunset is amazing. I get to enjoy this part of the day almost daily. When you get to see the magic of this world at sunrise and sunset you tend to stop worrying so much about the small stuff.

I had an opportunity to go to Florida in June and take part in the first ever Momentum Retreat weekend being held by my friend Lou and I am so grateful that I was able to take part. I met some amazing people that I now call friends and made some big choices about what to do with Chasing Happiness. It was because of this weekend I got back to Podcasting, I got back on track with blogging and I took away the idea that the book club I had been thinking about starting was something other people would be interested in too. I also jumped, fully clothed, into a swimming pool (it was symbolic and you kind of had to be there to understand why it was such a big deal) as a way to prove to myself I was ready to take a new leap of faith. By far it was one of my favourite moments of 2018.

I spent a lot of 2018 exploring the Niagara Area and the history of Niagara and how what happened here over the years helped to shape the country I call home. I did learn about history in school just like many of you, however, there is so much of the history of our country that is not covered in history classes. The Niagara Area has a ton of museums and other places where you can learn about what really happened here. There are sites dedicated to not only telling you the history but helping you explore and experience it as well. If you don't live here I suggest taking the time to visit and learn about it all. It blew my mind to learn about how important this area has been in shaping our country. 

I also had the opportunity to be one of the amazing speakers at the Momentum Workshop Weekend in October. It was an honour for me to be a part of such an amazing group of people who were talking about change and growth in life and how to find your dreams and be happy. I spoke about how to overcome fear and I met some amazing people. It was also right across the road from Disney Springs so even though I couldn't afford to enjoy Walt Disney World, I was able to go to Disney Springs and enjoy some of that. 

I spent time with friends and family. I enjoyed another year of the Sleep Cheap charity event and I've explored more of Niagara Falls and the Winter Festival of Lights. I started a weekly live chat with the Chasing Happiness Facebook page. I started the Chasing Happiness Book Club and as of the end of December, I started offering one to one coaching with Chasing Happiness. 

Of course lots of other thinsg happened in 2018 and I couldn't possibly mention every single thing. 

2018 was full of love, laughs, and learning. I couldn't be more grateful for all of you who are coming on this journey with me and supporting me along the way. I hope you all had a wonderful 2018 as well and are just as excited as I am about what 2019 has in store. 

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