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Too Much In A Short Time?

We have had so many changes that happen in our world in such a short time over the last five months. The world is not the same place it once was. We are not the same people we once were.

Have you thought about how you have changed? 

I hear a lot of people talking about how they can't wait for the world to go back to "normal" but I think what "normal" is has changed. I think it has to simply because the world is a different place. I don't see how it can go back.

Companies have had to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in personal protective gear, in structural changes to businesses so that customers can come back and in employment as they now need staff simply to clean all day. I don't see them doing away with any of those changes in the next 12 months.

I now carry a mask with me everywhere I go outside of my home. I'm sure most fo you do as well. This is not something I will change. In fact, before all this happened I would wear one when traveling on flights and people thought I was crazy but I was never sick while traveling. 

People now know (if they didn't before) how to properly wash their hands. I hope and pray that this does not change. Proper handwashing can stop the spread of so many diseases. 

Many places now control the crowd numbers in their stores and theme parks. This may be one of those things that go back to "normal" at some point but I kind of hope it doesn't. Having fewer people around creates a much more pleasant experience for those inside the store. 

Lots of local farms are now offering to sell directly to the consumer which is wonderful for those of us that can locally go to the farm and grab something freshly picked today, or better yet pick it ourselves. 

Companies are now posting how diverse their workforces are. 

People are becoming educated about social injustice.

Companies are stepping up to help out in areas they never have before.

Not everything that has changed has been simple but I think all the changes I've mentioned have been good changes for the world. 

I guess the real question for all of us is what do we want "normal" to look like?

How much are we willing to change if it means the health of everyone around us is improved? 

If you can save even 1 life by wearing a mask in flu season, will you?

If you can continue to go on trips and travel the world but you will be required to have temperature checks and screening, will you do it?

Most of the changes that have come from all of this have been positive for workers' health, positive for our communities at large. I hope it doesn't go back. 

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Saturday, 08 May 2021
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