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History is everywhere and it’s FREE

 I spent today walking around in the city centre. I had no idea just how large this city is. After about 8 hours or so my legs started to hurt and I couldn't figure out why until I checked my phone

I think this is more walking than I've ever done, Walt Disney World included. There is history all over this city and right now they are celebrating 100 years since the revolution so there is a ton of memorials and educational tours going on.

We don't have this deep-rooted sense of history back home. Everyone here is taught from a very young age (I saw a group of preschool children at the Da Vinci exhibit at the National Gallery of Ireland today) to value history. To take time and remember the history of this place, remember the struggles this country has had. They are taught to value culture and art. They value this aspect of who they are as a culture so much that almost every museum in this city is FREE.


You would never see this back home. It sort of blew my mind and when I asked people who live and work here why they give access to everyone for free the answer was always overwhelming the same…..

"The history of this place belongs to everyone"

" The culture here is for everyone to share, it is who we are, how could we charge for that?"

"It belongs to the people, they should all have access to it"

"Art, culture, history and education matter, everyone has a right to access it. It belongs to the people and we want to share it with the world"

This blew my mind. I was so taken aback by this I could do nothing but sit in awe of these people who value who they are, their history, their culture, their music, their art so much that they are willing to pay more taxes or donate more money to charity events to make it free to access so the people who live here and visit here can experience this place.

It's made me respect the value of things like historical buildings, great works of art and culture more. I love these things and try to visit museums and historical sites everywhere I go, but this place, this amazing city, takes it to a whole new level.

100-year-old buildings with cars zooming by seem so out of place and yet perfectly in sync with this city.

Dublin is this amazing mix of old and new. A city with contrasts around every corner. Dublin is a city that values its past and isn't trying to replace it with newer, better places.

I think Canada should learn from this. We should value our short history as a country more. We should allow the world to have access to the good, bad and ugly of how we became the people we are. We should value old buildings and do our best to preserve the historical places we have.

Dublin is a city of FREE history, culture and art. It is a perfect place for creative people. A perfect place for those who want to learn and grow.

Dublin is an amazing city in more ways than I can describe.

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Wednesday, 12 August 2020
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