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It’s NOT All Cupcakes and Sprinkles

Social media has given us this amazing tool to share our lives with friends from anywhere in the world. We no longer have to sit and wait for weeks as snail mail travels from one continent to another to check in with the people we care about.

However, it's also given us a false sense of reality. If you check out friends Instagram accounts you would think their lives are perfect. They have great hair, fantastic makeup, beautiful homes and nothing is ever out of place. Every picture looks like it's been styled by a professional. They only ever post amazing pictures of fantastic events they attend or amazing places they have been.

We are surrounded by people who are intentionally making their lives seem beautiful and fantastic online when the truth is, no one has a life that is beautiful and fantastic all the time! Even celebrities who have billions of dollars, maids, cooks, and nannies still have bad hair days. They still have days where things go wrong, days were there house is a mess and the world is far from perfect. The problem is, now with social media and easy access to the internet for most of the world, we are all starting to believe this illusion of perfection on a level we've never believed it before.

We are all starting to think that our lives aren't good enough because we don't have a perfect house, we don't drive a Bentley or we don't have the ability to vacation on a yacht.

The reality is celebrities and business now know we would rather have the illusion of perfection then face the reality in front of us.

Why is that??

Why can we not enjoy both the good and bad aspects of life???

So what if your house is a disaster, you spend your time out enjoying the spare time that you do have with your friends and family and only clean once a month. This doesn't make you less of a person. This isn't wrong or bad, it's human. So what if your lawn hasn't been cut or you can't vacation on a yacht? These things don't make your life fabulous, what you do with your life is what makes it fabulous. Who you spend your life with, makes it fabulous.

If you can only afford to stay at home over vacation, make the most of your time home. Go enjoy a free festival or art show. Check out an area of your city you've never been too.

Had a horrible fight with a friend, no one posts that on social media (well people do on facebook to shame their friends but that's another blog post for later). We should be talking openly about these things (maybe not really private matters) but we should talk about lessons learned, reasons miscommunication happens, ways we can help other people avoid these kinds of issues in the future.

We need to start sharing with each other those dreaded moments in life. The moments you don't want anyone to see, because we all have them. We all have days where we don't want to get out of bed. We all have moments when we wonder "Why the F#$* am I doing this?" or "How on earth did my life end up here?".

We should be able to celebrate the messy, horrible and even unthinkable days because we survived them!

So going forward not only will you see blog posts about the wonderful places I go, the amazing things I do and all the fun stuff I get to see but, you will also see blog posts about the bad days, mishaps, and all around not fun parts of my life. Because I think we all need to start being more realistic about our expectations of ourselves and others. Let's face it, if we can't be honest with ourselves about our lives, we've failed and we certainly can't expect anyone else to be honest with us.

Happy Birthday Bubba
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Monday, 26 July 2021
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