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Jet lag is a 4-letter word

Jet lag has always been this thing I've heard about but never experienced. I know people who say it takes days for them to recover from it. I thought that was crap. Sleep is sleep, it can happen anywhere (or so I thought).

Maybe it's because I've always had issues with sleeping normally. Maybe it's because I don't have a normal sleep pattern that I figured this jet lag thing wasn't going to be an issue for me. Wow, was I wrong!

I've been in Dublin for almost 72 hours and my sleep couldn't be more screwed up. It's 1:55 am and I'm up blogging because I can't sleep. When I got to Dublin a few days ago I was already treading on thin ice with my sleep. I had been up for almost 48 hours before my flight from Toronto to Dublin. I had tried to sleep on my flight to Dublin but with the crying babies, the ignorant people behind me who kept kicking my seat and the very nice old couple in front of me who kept dropping things, it was next to impossible to do so. Even with the nice pillow and blanket from Air Canada.

By the time I made it to my hotel I was so far beyond the word exhausted, that I had no words. I dropped my bags and had a moment of uncertainty. Could I really do this? How could I possibly navigate a new city when I couldn't even sleep, when my brain simply didn't have any way of making sense of the room I was standing in. How could it possibly deal with a whole city?

Of course after some rest that feeling went away. My mind seemed to be clear again and I felt like I could do anything. However my 'rest' was only 5 hours of sleep and I was once again up before the crack of dawn. I've continued to be up early every day I've been here.

First it was 3am, then 4am and now, on my third morning in a row, I'm up at 2am blogging because for the life of me I can't seem to sleep more than a few hours at a time.

Maybe this isn't the bad thing it feels like. Maybe this is good because it's giving me time to blog. I however am beginning to miss sleep. I'm wishing for it by 3pm when I hit the afternoon wall that requires caffeine to keep me going. I'm starting to think maybe I should nap at 3pm, skip the coffee and let my body rest. I worry however that this will only make things worse.

In a few hours I'm off to KilKenny and I'll forget about my lack of sleep. Until later today when my body and brain both decide that after 12 or more hours of being awake, they've once again had enough.

Maybe jet lag is our bodies' way of saying, "hey take care of yourself"

Maybe it's just the universe saying "You don't get to enjoy this amazing thing without paying a price"

I'm not sure either way. What I do know is …….

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Monday, 18 January 2021
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