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Let's Talk Podcasts

I don't know how many of you actually subscribe to podcasts but since I started the Chasing Happiness Podcast last year, I now have a list of about 30 podcasts I subscribe to. This may sound like a lot but in the world of podcasting, it really is a small number. I know people who subscribe to hundreds of different Podcasts. So today I thought we should talk about some Podcasts.

Most of what I subscribe to is business related however there are a few podcasts I want to talk about because they make me smile or help me be happier in my day to day life. They challenge me or help me grow which leads to living a happier life and so I thought I would share those with you today because they may add a little happiness to your day as well. 

The first podcast I think everyone should check out is a podcast created by Cards Against Humanity. Now before you judge the podcast without hearing it let me explain why I love this Podcast so much. This is not typically what you would expect from Cards Against Humanity because this podcast is a funny, light and wonderful reminder of all the good in the world.

The podcast is called "The Good News Podcast" and it was created as part of their holiday promotion this past year. Each podcast starts with the two hosts giving you a small list of things that will make you smile. For example, "Puppies will not cease to exist today" which of course not only makes you smile because you're thinking of puppies, it also makes you laugh because the thought of them just ceasing to exist is silly.

 The podcast then goes on to cover a topic about something good in the world. This changes every episode but sometimes it's an interview with kids who are starting to collect shoes for other kids in third world countries for back to school, or it can be chatting with someone who donates their time to give homeless people haircuts for free. Every topic is meant to either make you smile, remind you of the wonderful people we share this world with or inspire you with the amazing things people are doing to change the world. Just for fun sometimes they will also cover stories about baby animals being born or talk to kids about ice cream.

The Good News Podcast is only about 5-15 minutes each episode with an average of about 5 minutes per episode. This makes them super easy to listen to as you can fit it in while you brush your teeth or make a cup of coffee. It's a great way to start your day or give yourself a reminder midday that there are good things in this world.


 The second podcast I want to mention is called "Crazy/Genius". This is not so much a podcast for making you laugh, it's a thought-provoking podcast that looks at the world a little differently. The way things are addressed and discussed you will find yourself laughing, thinking and wondering "Why is this the first time I've ever heard this idea?", "How did I not know this?" and "Really?" This podcast is 8 weeks addressing 8 questions to be answered. So for people worried about time, this is the podcast for you if you want to learn something about technology and culture.

 I enjoy this podcast because it helps me look at different angles on the topics we hear in the news. The people being interviewed will make you think but at times also laugh at the topics being covered. In the episode titled 'Why have we not found Aliens?' Derek (the host of this podcast) explains how in the 50's people thought Aliens were stealing their trash cans. Of course, this is a silly thought, however, after initially laughing off that idea you do begin to wonder along with him why we have yet to find intelligent life in our vast universe?

This podcast makes my list because it challenges me to think outside of my normal bubble of thought. It introduces me to ideas I don't always put much thought into (such as the episode discussing if we should dismantle Amazon) and as a podcast, it only runs about 20 minutes per episode so it is easy to listen to with only 8 episodes a season.


 Another great podcast is "10% Happier" with Dan Harris. This podcast asks the question ' Can you be ambitious and enlightened?' Each episode focuses on a different form of meditation or self-improvement like breaking bad habits to find better routines. If you're anything like me this podcast will make you 10% happier in your day to day life by opening you up to things you can do to increase your happiness.


 The last podcast I want to mention is "Ted Talks Daily" because this is a fantastic sample of the TED talks we all know from YouTube. With each episode running around the 5-minute mark it is easy to fit these into any part of your day. With episodes like "Don't fear intelligent AI" and "Let's talk about our money problems", this podcast is a great source of information just like the Ted talk videos but in a more condensed version. It will open your eyes, change how you think and also remind you that you are not alone in the world by talking about real life issues with experts and everyday people.


There are of course hundreds of podcasts to look out for that cover every topic under the sun. If you love crime stories, there are podcasts for that. If you want to learn more about business, there is a podcast for that. If you love Disney, there are dozens of podcasts on that topic. We all live such busy lives now that finding time to add one more thing into your routine can be hard. However, podcasts can be listened to in the car while driving to work. Some are short enough to listen to while packing lunches for school or work. So my hope is that for those of you that have yet to dip your toes into the podcast world, this will help you find a few podcasts that will add a little joy to each day.

And of course, be sure to check out our Chasing Happiness Podcast as well.


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