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Let the Podcast Begin

In October I attended an entrepreneur conference in Florida. One of the things they talked about at this conference was Podcasting. Now, I'll be the first to admit when I saw that on the agenda I didn't think it would be interesting at all. I figured "Oh some person is going to say it's a good thing and I'll make a note of it for a few years from now".

Trust me, I understand how ignorant that sounds.

The truth was the first day of the conference I wasn't 100% sure how much I would learn or benefit from. I didn't know exactly what to expect but I went in with an open mind and the willingness to learn. What I learnt as the day went on is that there is a ton of information that benefits everyone in different ways as you build your company or try to figure out your life, so always be open to new things. Some of the things that you may think have no relevance to where you are in life may actually teach you a lot about who you are or what direction you should be heading. It was an amazing weekend of learning.

When we got to the part about Podcasting, I figured it would be good to make a few notes but I ended up doing more than just that. The women who spoke about Podcasting was so captivating while talking about the passion she has for podcasting that the more she spoke the more I felt like I needed to be Podcasting. The more I heard her speak, the more I felt like this was something I needed to be involved in.

I needed to be doing it right now. Or I felt like I should be anyways. Having no real idea what that really meant, I went out of my way to start investigating that as soon as the day ended. Over the few days of the conference I learned more and more about it and got the chance to talk to Lauren (the women who spoke about Podcasting) about the process of Podcasting and what all is involved. For those of you already listening to podcasts, I suggest you check her out, she is amazing.


I came home inspired not only to start a podcast but to also continue on this journey of mine to figure what my purpose in this life really is.

I started to look into recording a podcast. I was insanely nervous to do it and I knew that I could keep making excuses as to why I shouldn't doing it. Why I should wait to start until I had everything in place. The excuses really could go on forever so I knew I needed to just do it, start the journey or I would always have a reason to try to make it better, improve it or change it before it was perfect to send out to the world.

So on a random day I decided to just take a shot and start recording. I didn't have much of a plan (lesson #1 of podcasting – Have a few talking points worked out beforehand so you don't jump all over the place). I had to stop a few times on my way through the first recording (which is reflected in the recording itself because when I come back from those breaks my voice is very quiet lesson #2 plan better so you don't have a bunch of pauses) but aside from that I got it all recorded and then listened.

And listened

And listened

And listened

All I kept thinking to myself was, wow you suck at this…….you should redo it……. surely you're better than this…..

The excuses had started.

So I got up and walked away from lappy (yes my laptop has a name). I took an hour to do unrelated things and then went back to my computer with a clearer head. I did this because I knew I was being overly harsh on myself. After all this was my very first podcast ever.

So I knew I just needed to put it out in the world and work on making each one going forward a little better than the one before it.

So I did. I am now officially a podcaster! A podcaster who wonders about what people think of me or how they perceive these podcasts but really, I just want to share my journey and help people like myself who struggle with where they are in life and what they should be doing now.

Feel free to listen and follow along with me


The amazing thing about this whole new aspect of my journey is that I'm loving every minute of it! Even the parts where I worry about being good enough, because it's teaching me to not worry about such things……

Happy Podcasting :D

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Monday, 28 September 2020
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