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 Everything we do in life is about love. Think about it, every choice you make is about how you love yourself. How you love or don't love other people and the world around you. It all comes down to love. 

I've been thinking a lot about this recently. I've been thinking about all the choices I've made over the years. All the good and bad decisions come down to a choice based on love. A choice that I made in any given moment based on if I felt loved. How much I loved myself or didn't love myself at the time. How much I loved my family. How much I loved my friends. How much I loved the life I was living at the time.

Think about every decision you've made. Even when you were young and made what you now know were silly or even dangerous choices, they all likely had to do with love when it comes down to it.

When we don't love ourselves or the life we live, we make poor choices that typically reflect that. Choices that reinforce that our life isn't great or that we are not worthy of more. However, when we love our lives, when we love ourselves and the people we surround ourselves with, we make choices that show us how worthy we are of that love.

With Valentine's Day being this weekend, I thought it was an excellent opportunity to point out a few things about how we see this 'holiday' and how we view people based on relationship status. How we view the world based on being in a relationship is flawed because the truth is every aspect of our lives is about love. It's not just one relationship, one holiday, one person who meets all our needs.

One person doesn't love us at a time, and we don't give our love to just one person at a time. There is a vast difference between being in love with someone and loving someone. There is also no rule that you can only be in love with one person at a time. This 'holiday' tells people that our love in a relationship is the most important thing, but life isn't about that one relationship. It's about all our relationships combined.

Love is a part of all aspects of our lives. We shouldn't be dividing it up into this one day a year and teaching people that if they aren't in a romantic relationship, they miss out because this "day" is only for people in romantic relationships.

We are happiest when we are surrounded by love. The love of friends and family makes us happy. Love of experiences gives us those memories that last a lifetime. Love of the things that make us happy or help us grow is what makes us smile even on those hard days. Our love of trying new things is what drives us to keep doing something over and over until we master it like a painting.

So this weekend, while you're deciding how to celebrate Valentine's Day, think about all the people you love in your life. Reach out to those who you love and remind them of how much you love them. Tell them why you love them, and above all else, remind yourself why you love yourself too. We spend a lot of our time not loving things about ourselves. We often judge ourselves more harshly than anyone else, so let's make this weekend a time when we do our best to love as much of ourselves as we can.
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Monday, 26 July 2021
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