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My LUG Review

   A little over a year ago the amazing people at LUG headquarters surprised me with a HUGE box of lug goodies. They had heard about my plans to travel and wanted to have me test a bunch of products on my adventures. They gave me a few different types of bags, packing cubes and other products. I like the variety of colours you can get their products in and was excited to test out what they had sent me. As someone who loves to travel, I was most excited about the packing cubes.

 I used almost all of the items they sent me when I backpacked across Ireland last year and use a few of the other pieces in my day to day life. I'm in love with the LUG cross body small purse (Skipper I think it's called).

Overall I think the products are great and the variety of colours and different styles makes them a fantastic choice for most people looking for new products. I do suggest that anyone looking to purchase any of the items I talk about here go to the LUG website because they have very detailed descriptions of the products and as in the case of the Skipper bag (pink bag pictured below) they have updated some of them.

If you've ever traveled and not used packing cubes, let me tell you they will change your life. At some point, we will all be in a situation while traveling, where we need to find something and it, of course, is inevitably at the bottom of everything. This means pulling everything out of your bag. Packing cubes make this process so much less stressful. I'm also a huge fan of just pulling the cubes out of my luggage and putting them right in the draws at a hotel.  

The packing cubes they sent me were rather large (you can buy a variety of sizes) so it was harder to use some when I went to Ireland because I was only taking a trekking pack. I was, however, able to use the larger ones in my actual luggage when I went to California and Florida over the last year. I'm also using them this year for my road trip across the country as well the other traveling I have planned for later in the year. 

 These are great for people who are traveling with more than one piece of luggage. If you travel mostly with a carry on or you backpack around different countries these are for you (but be sure to buy smaller sizes). The packing cubes LUG sent me are large enough you can fit a week's worth of clothing in them and they definitely give you the ability to keep things neat and tidy. As I stated earlier you can actually buy a different set of sizes but the ones LUG sent me were larger. I do love packing cubes but I would be sure to buy a variety of sizes to meet all my needs because the smaller ones are definitely easier to use when backpacking around the world.

The only problem I really had with the packing cubes was that the packing cube/bag for shoes (to keep your shoes from getting everything you pack dirty) came with a plastic button that allowed you to 'tie' the shoe bag closed. That button was broken when I got it. Now in all fairness, it may have just been a one off that somehow got missed in the inspection of items.

I did manage to pull some of the mesh on one of the packing cubes right at the corner (as pictured below) but in all fairness this is not a LUG issue specifically because I did shove a lot into the cube and can't know for sure that it was sealed properly before hand because I didn't look. So for this item, I take all the blame for it not holding up well because I was definately overstuffing the packing cubes.


The LUG travel pillow and blanket I LOVE. I'm one of those people who has a hard time sleeping on flights. I can never get comfortable and I go from being hot to cold very quickly. This travel pillow comes with a blanket and an inflatable insert for the pillow, so it makes it super easy to travel with. I tend to keep the air above my seat on during my whole flight so this blanket keeps me warm without having to shut that air flow off. For anyone who travels a lot I defiantly suggest this product. The thing I love about this specific pillow over some of the ones you can buy at other places is, this one can be easily squished into a bunch of different shapes (so when I need to tuck it out of the way I can pull it into a flat line). This makes it super easy to pack no matter how much room you have. With other pillows, you don't have the option of flattening them or laying them out straight.

I used a couple of the purses/ bags in my day to day life as well as travelling and my favourite is the cross body small bag (Skipper, this is the pink bag) because I like that it's a cross body bag (this makes it easier to feel secure when traveling that my purse can't be snatched from me). I also like that it's small. I don't want to carry a bunch of stuff that I don't need so this fits a large wallet, cell phone, keys, lip balm, tissues and has room for a couple other small things.

The next few bags I liked but for everyday use, they don't meet my personal needs. The bags themselves are either bigger than what I like to carry personally or just don't have the security features that I like. For example, the purple bag (which LUG has now updated and changed on the website) doesn't have a zipper to close the inner compartment. I did use this bag the whole time I was in Ireland and didn't have any issues with it (aside from the one time I dropped it and stuff fell out) I just personally like to zip my bags closed because I do have a tendency to drop or dump things accidentally.

The black bag (I don't remember what this one was called) is actually fantastic because it has a number of zippered compartments and sits on your hip nicely as a cross body bag. I used this more as an everyday bag for 5 months to go back and forth to work. I could even carry a small umbrella in it. 

 The LUG luggage straps are fantastic. I have hard case luggage so I'm less worried about the bags popping open as they are tossed around on flights but I still use these strap every time I travel just to be sure. They also give me an idea if customs has opened my bags because they never strap it back the way I do. These are perfect for people like me who want extra security.

Lug also send me a cute pink (because pink is the best colour) jewelry pouch. Now I don't tend to wear a lot of jewelry when I travel (mainly because I hate that it all gets so tangled and messed up when traveling) so I wasn't sure how much use I would get out of this but as it turned out I LOVE THIS item. It gives you a number of pockets and pushes to be able to keep everything organized and separated so it doesn't tangle. It's jammed full of stuff and still is only about the size of a large wallet. I use this thing all the time and now travel with a variety of jewelry everywhere I go. So thank you LUG because this is one of my favourite products now.

The gray backpack. I do like this item for a travel bag, if you're someone like me, who carries a Go Pro and a laptop everywhere you go when you travel (as well as other things). It's small enough that it doesn't feel like you're wearing an actual backpack but large enough that you can still carry a bunch of items. I even used it as an everyday bag back and forth to work for a few months because it was easy to carry and still have my hands free for picking up groceries or other things.

The last thing that LUG sent was an iPad bag. This is like a purse (it has a separate section for the iPad and your personal items) but large enough to carry a tablet. I don't carry a tablet anymore every day because my laptop is my main source of internet access (outside of my cell phone). So I didn't get much use of out this bag. I do have a few friends who use tablet devices for work and said they would love to have a product like this bag because they can carry the tablet in a 'purse' so it would make it more convenient.

Overall I enjoyed using most of the products LUG sent me and have had very few issues with them. I think for people like myself who like to have colourful bags or luggage that shows a little personality the designs and colours from LUG make these products very appealing. Just be sure to do some research on the bags/ accessories you choose so you don't end up with bags that are too big or too small.

Thank you LUG for sending all these products. I've had a blast testing them all out over the last year. 

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