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Take a Minute to be in Awe

 Do you ever stop in the middle of doing something to take a minute to appreciate what is going on around you?

Have you ever found yourself looking at a sunrise or sunset with a wonderful sense of completeness?

Do you look at things like Niagara Falls or The Grand Canyon with awe and wonder?

I do!

I find myself more and more, as I get older, stopping to appreciate those awe-inspiring things that happen all around me. The things that the universe has created, the life I am living now and the people in my life with a new sense of appreciation and gratefulness.

I get to meet amazing people from around the world who are changing the world for the better. People who are creating things, improving things or helping others to change the world in ways I never would have dreamed of when I was younger.

Sometimes we can get overwhelmed and caught up in the chaos of the world we live in and we forget to take a minute to be in awe of all the good, all the amazing, all the unthinkably miraculous things that exist in this world.

So this is my reminder to you to take a minute every now and then to look at the world with the child-like wonder we all used to have before we became jaded by the adult world that beats us down. Remind yourself of how much of a miracle you really are, your friends are, your life is. Because the truth is, of all the billions of people in this world, you are here, at this moment right now, because this is where you are meant to be so you can live your best life.

How wonderful is that!

Below you will find a handful of photos from 2016 -2017 of just some of those awe-inspiring moments in my life.  

A World Wide Disney Christmas Tree
Sleep Cheap 2018


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Monday, 28 September 2020
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