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Too Many Choices

So I decided to do this amazing thing and visit 35 countries since I'm 35 years old. I thought this would be super exciting. The number of places I could go. The things I could do, the things I would do that change me. The things that would help me grow. The person I could/will become because of this. The possibilities seem endless.

And here is the problem, endless possibilities can lead to very big indecision. Sometimes too many choices can be just as crippling as having no choices at all.

Where do I start?

What places do I go to?

What should be the first country I see overseas?

I found myself suddenly overwhelmed with the possibilities and had no idea what choice to make. No idea of where to start. No idea how I would possibly see 35 countries in the next year.

Thankfully I am blessed to have very little disposable income and because of this the choice for me will come down to which ticket is the cheapest when I actually have saved enough money to start this overseas leg of my journey.

Like most people in this life I have a list of my top ten places I want to see.

For my TOP TEN list is this

  1. Ireland
  2. Egypt
  3. Thailand
  4. Tibet
  5. Australia
  6. England
  7. Iceland
  8. Japan
  9. Greece
  10. Cambodia

So my advice to those of you reading this is just go. Don't try to make the number one place on your list the first place. Don't put off going because you aren't sure where to start. Just wake up one morning and take a leap of faith and buy a ticket. It's what I'm doing.

Save the money you need and buy the ticket. Pick a place once a year to go and before you know it your top ten list will be completed and you will move on to a new goal.

The one thing I know now is that anyone can travel. We live in a digital age that gives us all access to search for great deals on flights and hotels so anyone, anywhere can afford to travel if they want to.

Next week I will have enough saved to buy my first overseas ticket and I am beyond excited to where I will go and what it will lead to.

A Not So Magical Trip


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Friday, 25 June 2021
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