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What Is Your Reason For Getting Out Of Bed In The Morning

We're now 11 days into 2019 and I've talked to a lot of people so far this year who are hoping that 2019 will be a better year than 2018 was. It's made me wonder how many people have no reason to get out of bed in the morning?

For those of you who have been a part of this blog for a while, you know that in June of 2015 I felt the same way and I couldn't take it anymore. I started changing my life by selling most of what I had and moving across the country. This of course is not a solution for most people because of work, family and other obligations that require you to be somewhere that maybe doesn't make you happy. So I wanted to use todays blog post to talk to you all about what you can do this year to help you have a reason to get out of bed excited in the morning. 

If you work a job you don't like but aren't able to leave that job because you need the income, there are still ways to add happiness to your life and find a reason to get excited about most of your days. There are things you can do today to help reduce the stress of that while building the life you want along the way and finding things that will give you a reason to wake up excited. 

Start this year off by asking yourself "What in my life is not adding value to my life?" 

This is an important question because the most valuable thing you have is your time and if you're spending your time doing things that don't make you feel good, don't further your purpose in life or don't make you feel like you're contributing to this world then you won't have a reason to get out of bed excited in the morning. We as humans need to feel like we add value to the lives of people around us, to our jobs, to the world we are a part of in order to feel that we have value within ourselves. So if you are spending your time doing something that just drains all of your energy or doesn't add value to your life, now is the time to stop doing it.

By value, I don't mean just adding money to your life, although money is good because it lets you live the life you want. I mean value in the sense of making you feel good, giving you moments of gratefulness, making you feel closer to others, filling your emotional or spiritual cup, or helping you to find joy in everyday. This is where real value comes from. These are the things you want to aim for to help you love your life and be happy. 

 Ask yourself what you want your life to look like 12 months from now. Can you see it? 

What does it look like?

How does it feel?

Now ask yourself, what can you do today that gets you a step closer to that? 

Maybe it's as simple as going through your stuff and downsizing. Maybe it's spending one weekend a month learning a new skill or exploring your local area to get out and enjoy the city and culture you live in. Whatever it is, DO IT! 

Taking one small step today, this week, this month will get you closer to your goal. One small change in your life now can add alot to your life in the long run. Volunteering for 1 hour a month not only adds to your emotional cup by giving you a sense of purpose and feelings of contributing to those who may have less than you, but it also has a huge impact on those you're helping. Learning something new makes you feel excited and alive. Spending time with people who love you adds to your happiness as well as theirs. 

All of these things are small changes that over time will add more happiness to your life. Maybe you hate the job you feel like you have to work but you love helping out at the local community center. That can be your reason for getting out of bed every morning while you look for a job that makes you happier. 

We have come to this place in our society where we think "I either do it all or nothing at all" and frankly for most people this all or nothing thinking just stops you dead in your tracks from even trying to make changes. The truth is when we look at long term life changes that were successful, most of them were made in baby steps over months and years at a time. You don't have to leave your job and move to be happy. You can make small changes to your life over the years that will add up to big changes in the long run.

If you want to travel more, book one trip (even just an affordable local trip) every few months to keep you motivated and excited about exploring. 

If you want to move overseas, come up with a plan to save the money you need over the next year or two and have a plan that gets you to your goal. 

If it doesn't add value to your life, let it go.

If it doesn't make you happy, move on.

If you want to change your life, start now.

If you don't go to bed excited about the next day, you need to sit down and evaluate what you really want from this life and how you are taking the steps you need to in order to get there. I want to get out more so I got a yearly membership ($20) to a local floral showcase that changes the displays every few months so I have an inexpensive excuse to make sure I get out and do more. 

Spend 2019 looking for the things that excite you and start to add them to your life. Make this year the year that you fall in love with your life and who you are. Be excited to wake up and start each day. You are the only one who can change your life, you get to create it.

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