This is something I've heard over and over again. The older I get the more I hear it. Friends, family even people I hardly know will make comments about how I'm single. How at 38 years old I still don't have children and I will never be happy until I have someone to share my life with.

But here is the thing.......

I have people to share my life with! I have friends who I love and adore. I make the choice about who to keep close in my life because I get to choose. I get to decide if someone who crosses my path is someone I want to keep in my orbit or not. 

This doesn't make me sad, lonely or deserving of your looks because you think I need to be living a life you choose to live. Being 38 and single doesn't mean my life is lacking something. It means I know my value enough not to settle for anything less than what I know I deserve.

Because I'm single I get to take myself out to dinner or go to dinner with friends, whenever I feel like it.

I get spend a whole day reading a book because I want to.

I get to buy myself anything I feel like (if I feel like it) without thinking about what anyone else needs.

 I get to take trips whenever I can afford it.

I get to stay up all night just because I want to binge on Netflix.

I get to spend as much or as little time alone with my own thoughts as I want.

It took me a long time to learn how to love myself. To learn that even though I'm not a size two, I'm sexy. To learn that even though I'm not as book smart as I want to be, I'm still smart and able to learn. To be okay in my own skin and own who I am unconditionally. Some days I'm still a work in progress and I'm okay that. 

If I find someone one day who I feel like I want to bring into this life, I will. I, however, don't need to find someone to make me feel whole. I don't have to be with someone simply because the world thinks I should.

If you know someone in your life who is single and over the age of 30, stop telling them how they would be happier if they just found love.

Stop telling them they can't live a happy and full life if they aren't in a committed long term relationship. 

Not everyone needs to be in a relationship in their life to be happy, no matter their age.