You’re Too Much

“You love too much.” “You love too hard.” “You care more than you should.” “You’re too much for people to handle.” “You’re going to get hurt if you keep allowing yourself to care this much.” I’ve heard it all. At some point in my life, I’ve heard it from everyone. When I was a kid, …

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Halloween 2020

Let’s face it, Halloween this year is going to be different. In a lot of areas, kids won’t be trick or treating. We won’t be going door to door to get candy or having large Halloween parties. This year is different. We all know it. We’ve felt it for months now, and based on conversations …

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Cancel Culture

We now live in a society where cancel culture has become such a regular part of our days that it almost seems normal. The idea that your actions (even those from years ago) can get you written off have you lose your job, lose friends, cancel your life has become the standard. However, just a …

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