Chasing Happiness Podcasts

An honest podcast about finding happiness in life, why we all deserve to be happy, what happiness really is and the process of finding it.

Learn To Say NO

How often do you say no to people? How many times a week do you think "I have no time in a day for that" ? Today on the podcast I talk about why you need to start saying no to people and events for your own personal health and happiness.

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2019-08-13 Crystal Steers

When Was The Last Time You Had A Hug

Hugs are something we tend to grow out of as we age but they become even more important in your life as stress levels rise. This weeks podcast is about hugs and why you need one.

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2019-08-05 Crystal Steers

Your Journey Isn't The Same

Stop judging yourself based on the progress other people are making in their lives. You are not them, your life if different and so your journey is different.

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2019-07-29 Crystal Steers

Wellness Ride Across America

This week on the podcast I talk to Richie Crowley who is spending his summer biking across the USA to raise awareness for health and wellness, as well as raise funds to feed the hungry.

If you want to follow his journey visit or check him out on Instagram @rickieticklez

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2019-07-15 Crystal Steers


This weeks podcast is all about my recent trip to Walt Disney World and why I go back.

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2019-07-08 Crystal Steers

Walk Away

Do you find yourself caught in a divided world? I think we all do these days. This week on the podcast I talk about why you need to learn to avoid some topics with the people in your life because of this.

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2019-06-25 Crystal Steers

Do You Know How To Define Happiness?

Taking the time to figure this out is the first step to understanding how to find happiness in your life.

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2019-06-17 Crystal Steers

Personal Growth

If the things you are trying to add into your life for personal growth aren't working, it may be because they aren't personal. This is the topic for this weeks podcast.

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2019-06-03 Crystal Steers

You Are An Expert

You may not think you are but guess what, you are an expert in a lot of area in life. In this weeks podcast I talk about how you can start to think about all the areas of your life that you are an expert in (even though you think you aren't) and how this will increase your self-worth and overall happiness.

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2019-05-27 Crystal Steers

What You Can Do About A Negative Work Place

Do you work in a job surrounded by negative people? This week on the podcast I talk about a few things you can do to not get caught up in the negative head space that comes along with working a job where you're surrounded by negativity.

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2019-05-21 Crystal Steers

From I HAVE to do X to I GET to do X

Today on the podcast I'm talking about how a simple change can change the way your brain perceives what is going on in your life and how this can change your level of happiness.

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2019-05-13 Crystal Steers

Analytical Meditation

What is Analytical Meditation and how can it help you live a happier life?

Today on the podcast I talk about how you might already be doing this in your life, how it can improve your happiness and why it matters.

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2019-05-06 Crystal Steers

Bird Poop

Yes, you read that correctly. Today I'm talking about bird poop because a bird poop on me and it's a great reminder of how we choose to view events in our lives.

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2019-04-29 Crystal Steers

Welcome Back

Welcome Back Loves.
Todays Podcast is a big Thank You to all of you who gave me the time I needed to heal after my surgery. I also talk about why this is important for all of us.

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2019-04-22 Crystal Steers

We Will Be Back In April

I'm taking a couple weeks off for Self-care and Healing but we will be back in April with brand new podcasts.

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2019-03-12 Crystal Steers

How Do You Define Happiness?

Do you know what Happiness is? How do you define it? Have you tried? On todays podcast I talk about how you can figure it out in order to start your journey towards a happier life.

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2019-03-05 Crystal Steers

Do You Journal?

In today's Podcast I talk about why Journaling can help you find happiness and how to start journaling if you've never done it before.

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2019-02-18 Crystal Steers

What Makes You Happy?

Do you know what makes you happy? On todays podcast I talk about ways you can figure that out and how to make some changes in your life to find out where your happiness is.

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2019-02-11 Crystal Steers

Some Changes in the Podcast

Todays Podcast isn't a full Podcast as I am making a few changes for the next few weeks to have future Podcasts over the next little while be more instructive for you with actionable steps you can take to increase your own happiness.

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2019-02-05 Crystal Steers

History Matters

Do you ever take the time to look back at your personal history? What about world history? Today I talk about why that history is important and why you should look back if you want to move forward in a healthy way and change your life so you can live your best life.

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2019-01-29 Crystal Steers